About Me

I’m interested in AI, cryptocurrencies, poker/chess/go, rock climbing, cooking, and social issues.

co-founder of monadical, building oddslingers poker

Some of my Projects

  • oddslingers – a new poker platform that integrates video streaming into the business model
  • redux-time – for typical functional-reactive web apps, state is a function of (previous_state, event). This library adds the concept of (previous_state, event, time), so that animations become natural instead of hacky “transitions”.
  • netviz– A tool to visualize neural network training. Change the architecture, dataset, and neuron weights. Go back in time. Mess around with it and see how it affects learning.
  • storycoin – a playful blockchain built in rust/js in which nodes use hashpower to vote on the next word for distributed story-telling.
  • eth sandbox – A repo with everything set up to start playing around on the Ethereum testnet.